Three Years After Grandma ‘Wanle Left Us

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Three years ago when my birthday was fast approaching-March 16th, I cannot wait to receive the usual motherly telephone call from Mrs Olawale Titilayo Ojewale-fondly called by me as “My Mom”, my children call her “grandma”. I suddenly open the discussion that it has been a while that we talk with her even as a family with her on phone. And everyone started recounting their respective relationship with her as I trying to impart the memory of her to my children. As you know the new American children they really want to know how and why she became my ‘Mom’ and I explained to them to the best of my ability. My wife will use her teaching experience to bridge the gap when she could. Everything ended with the hope of talking with her very soon again!.
All hope went without her call and we are all somehow restless without knowing that she was actually on the edge of transiting to the great beyond. I was nearly felt that I should call her but refused to do so but waiting for few days to go by despite the fact that she never missed my day and I never missed her birthday too without the happy birthday call.
Alas!, on the 18th of March 2014, my cell phone rand and it was the call from her husband to announce the passing of Mrs. Olawanle Ojewale to me. That announcement went straight to my bones and I was practically shot down! What a terrible information; not quiet expected at that time. Yes all my plans suddenly changed as they were all interrupted for 2 days. I did not know where to start nor where to end and even what next to do. I brought all my family together as I could not announce the death on phone to them especially my wife and my first daughter who knew her very well. We could not reach out to anyone else as all were in shock possibly momentarily. We could not come into conclusion of what to do until the following day that I spoke with sister Kayode Majekodunmi who was able to elaborate to the best of her knowledge that the information was real.
Heading to her farewell service in New York was another experience completely but the Lord is still on the throne. I returned to Columbus to explain my experience.
For her, In our home she is fondly remembered. Sweet memories cling to her name we loved her in life sincerely and still love her in death just the same.
Many a day her name is spoken, and many an hour she is in our thoughts, a link in our family chain is broken, She has gone from our home But not from our hearts.
God saw the road was getting rough And the hills were hard to climb, So He closed her weary eyelids and whispered “Peace be thine.
Nothing can ever take away the love our hearts holds dear, fond memories linger every day. Recounting all her deeds on this page may not mean much to the readers but she was and is a beloved mother to me and my family. At Cooperative Bank PLC, Yaba Branch, Revd. Bankole (Our then Branch Manger) will call her and tell her that your Son needs you in the strong room. Mrs O.O. Olubajo (of blessed memory) was also a co-mother will remind her to give me the lunch before she eats her own in the banking hall. I mean she took good care of me. Any concerns I have became her own quickly as she always fights my battle at work and anywhere a help is needed both financially, morally and socially. Everyone knows. She encouraged me to go further in my education pursuit. She backed me up for my fathers burial arrangements, stepped up for my wedding plans and implementations. She ensured and fully supported my effort to migrate to the USA with my family. And ever since she had me and my family at heart all the time.
Remembrance keeps her near every year. We may be sad within our memory. Lonely are our hearts today; For the one we loved so dearly Has forever been called away. We think of her in silence. No eye may see us weep; But many silent tears are shed When others are asleep. When we remember that she is with her Lord, her creator who allow good and bad to grow together, we are comforted that her good relationship was not in vain after all.
Three years after her departure, we know and say to the whole world that her soul is resting in peace.
I know you told me not to weep for you and will recount this poem to the world to read:
Don’t Weep For Me
Don’t weep for me
For I’ve made it home
Through Heaven’s gates
There I may roam.

Wipe your tears
And dry your eyes
I’m in a better place
With Heaven as my prize.

Don’t weep for me
No tears and no sorrow
Live life for Jesus
He promises tomorrow.

Remembrance note written by Amos Ojerinde

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  1. amos

    Wanle we are sincerely missing you. You, Nike and me were born same year same month by same sisters. I wish you were around. -Femi Agunbiade

  2. amos

    Continue to rest in the bossom of ur creator , Dear sister Wanle.
    A woman of integrity, who combined beauty with brain. You generousity knows no bound.
    Sun re ooooo, titi a o fi pade lese Jesu.—Oluyemi Bakare

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