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The Unvoiced Question: God, Where are You?
The distraught father asked, “Where is God when you need Him most?” That was a question to a third person. Several times during Wanle’s illness, I came close to asking or thinking, not in the third person but in the second person, “God, where are you?” I would look around, like this father, and unvoiced, ask, “God, where are you in this?”

But just then, Peju or Biola would call or visit or schedule a visit. More than you know, or can tell, Peju, Biola, and the rest of you, you were the answer to my unvoiced question, “God, where are you?” Unlike the distraught father, who could not sense my presence at that critical time as God’s answer to his needs. I now know that when God said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you,” (Hebrews 13:4) God did not promise to be a ghost around us but to fortify us with beings we can relate to, people of like feelings.

But, it’s not Peju or Biola alone. At critical points like major surgeries or the beginning of another round of chemo, many more have been the answer to the unvoiced question, “God, where are you?” People like Temilola, Tokunbo, Yetunde Igun, Pastor Funmi Obilana, Pastor Jumoke Kilo, Desola, Sade (Canada), Titi (Canada), Yinka, Ladun, Olojedes, Sade (MD), Tayo (NJ), Akinyemis, Michelle, Juan, Ms. Tidwell, Mrs. Noibi, Beulah, Pastor Fisayo, Chief Olorunfemi, Rev. Bisi Orebayo, Gabriel Sobande, Kehinde Ogungbe, Iya ’Reti, Dr. Temitope Lanre-Amos, MD. You all have been God’s agents on our way. Unlike the distraught man who couldn’t recognize my presence as some form of God’s intervention, I’m glad we could.

The trembling voice of 80-year-old Ven. Ogunsola asking for Wanle was an indication that we were not alone. We were in your thoughts. Then I noticed some money wired into my accounts for no service I had rendered. Engr. & Biola Solagbade—we thank you for your sacrifice. Mrs. Adepoju—as soon as you learned of Wanle’s condition from your daughter, Boye, you called. We thank you for your call. And, Prof. Owasanoye, for your visits and generosity—you were the answer to the unvoiced question, “God, where are you?” Dr. Makanjuola and Dr. Mrs. Makanjuola, thank you for your visit and gifts. You were the faces and voices of God. And, the chaplain, the Reverend Azuka Ogbolumani and the Chapel of Christ our Light, your gift was representative of God to us.

What shall I say of Deji, the 18-year-old who would pop his head into the room, several times a day, to perform his 45 seconds ministry: “auntie smile?” I don’t know why he expected her auntie to smile in the condition she was. But I know that behind every smile—even a forced smile—is the face of a loving God. Deji popped his head into the room several times a day to check up on her auntie and just to say, “Auntie, smile.” Then her auntie, in obedience, would flash the best set of teeth that nature could endow anybody. And, he’s gone, till the next time. Deji, more than you realized, you were the answer to the unvoiced question, “God, where are you?”

The distraught father, whose 37-year-old son was dying of cancer, looked around in the small space of the elevator as if a Being would surface. Then asked, “Where is God when you need Him most?” I have looked around, unvoiced, wondered, “God, where are you?” But then, I didn’t have to look hard or wonder too long before I noticed God in my very environment.

I see God in the kindness of my Deputy Superintended of Programs, Ms. Marie Hammond, who had been kind enough to sit with me, time and again, to figure out how my time and schedule could accommodate my new challenges. DSP Marie Hammond, more than you can imagine, you were my answer to the unvoiced question, “God, where are you?” The same goes for ADSP Tim Maher and my colleagues Imam Gaber and Deacon Young. I don’t have to wonder or question, “God, where are you?” because I feel God in your touch, I hear God in your voice and I see God in your actions. It had to be God!

You cannot but wonder when Jesus said “I am with you always” if He meant that His presence would be made known through the ministry of other people? I want to think so.
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